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Anisa is a line of professional cosmetics inspired by Traditional Mediterranean Medicine. These cosmetics incorporate thousands of years of Greek and Roman medicinal knowledge, such as the Four Element Theory and the Hippocratic Humoral Theory, Exclusive features of this line:

  • Very high percentages of medicinal plant extracts in all products.

  • A compact line that allows maximum customisation in tackling all facial and body imperfections for every individual.

  • Ancient, traditional and artisanal production methods allow the vitality of the plant to be maintained unaltered, according to the principle of the total phytocomplex.

  • Made in Italy: exclusively Italian production.

  • Tangible results from the first treatment, with maximum product safety and bio-affinity.

  • Products free from Parabens, GMO, PEG, Silicones, Paraffins


For information on professional treatments for Anisa beauty salons not listed here, please write to us at the following address :


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